Been a while since any art updates...


Been a while since I've posted any art updates.  The day job has been keeping me really busy but I was able to find some time to finish this guy.  Made this frustrated, angry clerk from another dimension completely in Zbrush.  I was happy to get a chance to polish up on my Zbrush BPR rendering.  Ill be doing a mini tutorial on this guy for an upcoming issue of 3dartist magazine.  There are several other renders in the portfolio section.  Cheers! =)


Barbarian Image being used for Zbrush guide

 The guys at Pixologic were kind enough to use my Barbarian image for the cover of the Zbrush Getting Started Guide.  Thanks guys!  Keep on making an awesome product!


Pixologic Siggraph 2013 Demo

Had an absolute blast at Siggraph 2013!!!  Thanks to Pixologic and the Zbrush crew for inviting me out to do a live presentation.  It was such a humbling and inspirational experience to be around so many talented artists.  Thanks to everyone involved!

Here is the Barbarian I made for the demo.  I showed some of my workflow for the fiber mesh and hi-frequency detailing.

I believe they are gonna post up some of the presentations sometime soon.  

Check out more images in my portfolio section =)


Siggraph 2013!

Pixologic was kind enough to ask me to come out to present at Siggraph this year. Lots of incredible talent will be there. I'm Gonna try to absorb as much of their secrets as I can =) Im in the process of building a new character for the presentation and I'm excited about sharing it when its done. Should be a good time, try to make it out if you can.


Batman/Goon Mashup


This is an old model I started months back but never really did anything with. Kind of a mash up, The Goon as a Frank Miller style Batman. I wouldn't call this done by any means but its as good as its gonna get right now. Cheers!! =)

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