Doom Quakecon reveal!


Looking forward to sharing the first look at Doom with the Id fans at Quakecon 2014!  Hope to see you there!


Contributed to the Zbrush section of 3dArtist issue 66

 Had the pleasure to contribute to the Zbrush section of issue 66 of 3dArtist magazine.  Check it out if you get a chance, some great artists featured in there.  


Wolfenstein The New Order!

Had the privileged of making two characters for the new Wolfenstein.  Congrats to Machine Games for such a good game, be sure to check it out!  Ill post images eventually.


Dragon project


Here is a taste of a dragon I am currently working on.  There is an entire body that will be shown eventually, still has a ways to go.  


Been a while since any art updates...


Been a while since I've posted any art updates.  The day job has been keeping me really busy but I was able to find some time to finish this guy.  Made this frustrated, angry clerk from another dimension completely in Zbrush.  I was happy to get a chance to polish up on my Zbrush BPR rendering.  Ill be doing a mini tutorial on this guy for an upcoming issue of 3dartist magazine.  There are several other renders in the portfolio section.  Cheers! =)